Thiel Fellowship

Founded by technology entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel in 2011, the Thiel Fellowship is a two-year program for young people who want to receive funding to launch their startup or build a unique product. If you’re accepted you receive a $100,000 grant and support from the Thiel Foundation’s network of founders, investors, and scientists.

If you’re a startup and you’re looking for federally sponsored grants, the best place to start is This site serves as a database of all federal grants, including those that are specifically available for small business owners. To search for this type of grant, visit the official government grants website and check out their section for grant applicants to see if you’re eligible.


The AmberGrant program awards a $1,000 grant to one qualifying woman business owner each month. One of the monthly qualification grant winners will be awarded an additional $10,000 in at the end of the year. The grant awards are small, but can be very helpful for those working to get their business off the ground. There’s no expectation that this funding will be paid back.

Idea Cafe Grant

The Idea Cafe Grant awards $1,000 grants to small business owners. This is a great grant to apply to if you’re a relatively new startup looking for funding. This grant is also available for those that have an idea for a business but haven’t actively started building it yet.

The Girlboss Foundation

The Girlboss Foundation is a foundation that awards grants on a biannual basis to individuals pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Each grant beneficiary receives project funding for $15,000, plus exposure through the Girlboss platform and community, as well as local and regional press.