Shariq Shah, CEO of Ambii

Shariq Shah, CEO of Ambii

Music is better together

With the help of student designers and engineers, Shariq Shah has created a new platform for web and mobile that allows people to instantly change a song the moment they enter a room.

Unlike other music platforms, Ambii allows for social listening by combining the music tastes of everyone in a party curating the best music for the group.

“My goal is that no one will ever enter a place and say, ‘I hate this song’ again,” said Shah, CEO and founder of Ambii.

Currently, Ambii has two main listening modes, Music Queue and Party Radio. Through Music Queue, listeners can actively add, upvote and downvote songs to control a playlist. Eliminating the need to constantly swap aux cords between individuals.

Party Radio allows listeners to enjoy music that suits the tastes of everyone in a room.

“The idea of Party Radio is to have your music follow you,” said Shah. "When you enter an establishment, your music preferences automatically join the music selection, and when you leave, it leaves with you."

With the help of Alex Luong, head of projects for IDEAS, Shah and his team took Ambii to IDEAthon—a startup competition held at SJSU—but did not progress past the final round because of his pitch.

During the next few months, Shah developed a stronger team with a more robust pitch in preparation for Silicon Valley’s Innovation Challenge—a competition for student entrepreneurs. Shah impressed the judges with his refined pitch placing first for Best Pitch at SVIC.

Following their big win, Ambii was selected to receive funding from Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley’s longest-serving CEO, as part of the ZinnStarter Program.

In the coming months, Shah plans on polishing Ambii in preparation for the Business Plan Competition and its $10,000 prize.

“With Ambii, groups of people are empowered to listen to everyone’s music,” said Shah.