Kushal Cuttari


Senior, Computer Science

My passion for entrepreneurship at such a young age is what convinced me to join IDEAS. One day, I hope to see one of my ideas culminate and grow through the world. IDEAS is the perfect place for me to reach that dream. On my free time, I like to play basketball, play video games and work out.


Jasmine Sanchez

Director of Outreach

Junior, Business Entrepreneurship

I’m the CEO and Founder at Vessel Athletics. My dream has always been to start my own company. Since getting involved with IDEAS I’ve become passionate about helping other students startup their business ventures.


Alex Luong

Marketing Director

Senior, Business Entrepreneurship

I joined to help others find their passions in entrepreneurship. I’m obsessed with marketing am coordinating the Internship Program. I can also bench press more than you.


Tyler Anderson


Senior, Business Finance

I transferred to SJSU in Fall 2017 with a large interest in entrepreneurship. I stumbled upon IDEAS and I'm glad I did because I haven't looked back. I spend all my time in the Lab working on my own startup as well as helping others with their own. It gets me fired up and I want everyone to experience it!


Sahib Grewal

Events Coordinator

Junior, Business Marketing

I joined IDEAS so that I can witness and experience what it’s like working in the entrepreneurship world. On my free time I like to travel, eat, and go boating.


Macros Villalva

Projects Coordinator

Senior, Business Marketing

My love and passion for entrepreneurship is the main reason I joined IDEAS. In addition, being surrounded by like minded individuals inspires me to see what new projects and innovations our teams can bring to the world. The things I enjoy doing include reading, staying active, and technology.


Steve Suarez

Lead Recruiter

Senior, Business Management

I am a student entreprenuer at SJSU that has an apprecatiation for quality management. I joined IDEAS in Fall 2017 and now I work on recruiting members. On my free time I spend time with my parents and gaming with friends.


Alim Charinaya


Senior, Business MIS

I joined IDEAS to make a positive impact with computer science. I will be there to build and help with the IDEAS portal. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, tennis, and discovering new things.


Akshey Name

Portal Manager

Sophomore, Computer Science

I joined because I believe in making useful applications with computer science. I am a huge advocate for hackathons and am serving as the President of SJ Hacks, the SJSU hackathon club. I also love tennis!