Kushal Cuttari


Computer Science Major

My passion for entrepreneurship at such a young age is what convinced me to join IDEAS. One day, I hope to see one of my ideas culminate and grow through the world. IDEAS is the perfect place for me to reach that dream. On my free time, I like to play basketball, play video games and work out.


Jasmine Sanchez


Business Entrepreneurship Major, Minor in Environmental Science

One day I’m going to start my very own business with the help and experience I will get from IDEAS. Until then, I’ll just keep cooking up ideas every time I go for a run.

Bruce Tan (Marketing).jpg

Bruce Tan


Design Studies Major, Concentration in Animation and Illustration

Having experience being an intern at 500 Startups and a UI/UX Designer, my goal is to reach out to students to assist them in the design aspect for their startups. I love all forms of art and love playing volleyball.


Jazmin Eusébio

Public Relations

Public Relations Major

I joined IDEAS so that I can diversify my education and knowledge for entrepreneurship. If you get to know me, you’ll find out I’m a huge fan of Sam Smith.


Alex Luong

Projects Lead

Business Entrepreneurship Major

One of my biggest passions while working at the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is to inspire people with an IDEA and get them started on a path to success. Off the clock, you’ll find me long boarding, creating podcasts or watching anime.

Shariq Shah (Software).jpg

Shariq Shah

Software Projects

Computer Science Major

I work with new teams with software ideas and help them turn their ideas into projects, projects into products, and products in to companies. I am the founder of Ambii, so you would normally find me around the lab working with my team.


Aaron Caprino

Hardware Projects

Industrial Design Major

I joined IDEAS because I am obsessed with designs of products. The process of how products are made and the connections of how we use the product based on its design fascinate me. In my spare time I love to play video games and 3D print things.


Akshey Nama


Computer Science Major

I have always had a desire to apply my skills toward something greater. To help the community and make an impact. At IDEAS I found these values and the work done here resonated with me. I am passionate about bringing my IDEAS to life while providing the support others need to do the same.


Steve Suarez


Business Management Major

I am a student entreprenuer at SJSU that has an apprecatiation for quality management. I joined IDEAS in October and now I work on recruiting more members. On my free time I spend time with my parents and game with friends.


Macros Villalva


Business Marketing Major

I am a Fall 2017 transfer student from San Diego. My love and passion for entrepreneurship is the main reason I joined IDEAS. In addition, being surrounded by like minded individuals inspires me to see what new projects and innovations our teams can bring to the world. The things I enjoy doing include reading, staying active, and technology.


Sahib Grewal


Business Marketing Major

I joined IDEAS so that I can witness and experience what it’s like working in the entrepreneurship world. On my free time I like to travel, eat, and go boating.

Tyler Anderson (Treasurer).JPG

Tyler Anderson


Business Finance Major

I transferred to SJSU in the Fall of 2017 with a large interest in entrepreneurship. I stumbled upon IDEAS and I'm glad I did because I haven't looked back. I spend all my time in the Lab working on my own startup as well as helping others with their own. It gets me fired up and I want everyone to experience it!


Adolfo Millan


Graphic Design Major

IDEAS is the place where I can help various teams reach their own goals and by doing so I can develop and use my own design skills. I joined ideas because I saw how involved everyone was with each other and the amount of effort that is being put into individual projects. Something I find myself doing often is listening and learning from other people’s approach to working. This helps me discover choices that can help mold each piece of work along the way into something that takes form which can then be useful for someone.