Projects 2016


Carbon Craft

CarbonCraft is a collaborative educational game which encourages learning and keeps students engaged. Working together, students must accomplish everyday tasks, such as making breakfast, within their virtual home. By seeing the changes that their decisions make they will be learning by doing rather than by taking tests. CarbonCraft is just one piece of the puzzle. We are creating an educational platform, like Steam, to create a one-stop shop for games from us and other developers. We are also providing proprietary assessment software that is available on a Teacher Dashboard, in-game assessment, multiplayer support, and security encryption of sensitive student data. CarbonCraft is the future of educational games incorporating both collaborative learning and focusing on a critical topic to our society today.


Get Outside

Every year Outside Lands generates more than 60,000 attendees that flood to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, for a chance to catch their favorite artists perform. One of the biggest issues that the team recognized was that when you have so many attendees going to a single event, traffic and congestion will always be one of the biggest problems. By using the Uber API and Google Maps API (traffic layer), the GetOutside team was able to create an iOS app that helped address this issue. The application analyzes traffic patterns ahead, provides the most efficient route for the driver, and suggests the best drop off point for the rider when comparing the ETA for driving vs. walking. This way riders can get as close as possible to the event via Uber and when it’s most efficient, they can simply get out and walk the rest of the way. The drop off point not only suggests the spot which will save the rider time, but can also prevent future traffic congestion as well.


Introducing H20flow, an innovative and interactive solution of tracking real-time water usage per water outlet. Once inserted within all the water pipes of the house, the photosensors in our product will easily be able to calculate how much water is being used for that given sink, toilet, or shower. Where would one find the results? Easy. Alongside this device is the access to our mobile application where usage can be recorded in real-time to influence behavioral changes within consumers. The aim of our device is to allow citizens of the San Jose community to rethink the way they use water and change habits for a greener future. With the implementation of our devices, residents of San Jose will make a strong commitment towards a healthier bank account while bringing about educational awareness of the ongoing drought.

Traxis Design

The PowerTruck is a skateboard truck that can be used to power lights for visibility as well as charge your gadgets. Our truck harnesses the energy of the spinning wheels with a built in dynamo and converts a skater’s mechanical energy into energy that is stored in a removable battery pack. This battery pack can be used to power a headlight residing on the front of the board to provide a safer riding experience during the night. In addition to this, the battery pack has a USB port, which allows users to charge the battery before use as well as to charge a device such as a phone while out and about. Our truck is unlike any other on the market, and will be the first to capture the energy of skateboarders; it will use this energy to make sidewalks and streets safer.